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New Beginning...

Are you in search for a NEW BEGINNING for YOU or YOUR RELATIONSHIP? You have come to the right place. At New Beginning Family Counseling & Training Center, Inc., we strive to help you find STRENGTH in your day and HOPE for your tomorrow. We strive to help you find a NEW BEGINNING. 


You can be completely fine and out of nowhere, you get a rush of emotions ranging from angry to sad and everything in between. You have always managed to cope well with changes but this time it feels like you were hit with a ton of bricks. You are flooded with more questions than answers, and emotions that you don't know what to do with. You have a sense of responsibility to "keep it together" because people look to you for strength but deep inside you are screaming for help.

You want to have a safe place to not keep it together. You want to find hope in the midst of your struggle. We CAN help you. Let's connect


Your New Beginning...

Helping you find your STRENGTH for your TODAY, and your HOPE for your TOMORROW with our services. 


individual counseling

We all have moments in life where we are not sure if we can continue going. We get weary, and even though in our minds we would like to continue as if nothing is wrong, our body...our hearts...our souls are clearly not in agreement. Sometimes this may come after an unexpected change, a loss or feeling stuck in the same unhealthy cycle. Perhaps its simply a normal life transition.  If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to give yourself the opportunity to have a safe place to sort your feelings and thoughts out. At New Beginning we are honored to walk along side with you and help you find the strength you may need for your today, and the hope for your tomorrow. Call us TODAY for your FREE phone consultation or complete the form below. Click HERE for more details about our services for individuals.

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couples counseling

All couples go through what can be referred to as "growing pains". During this time, couples have the opportunity to grow stronger together or grow apart from each other.  Many times couples will find themselves in a hopeless and vicious cycle of fighting with no productive resolutions. Whether you are recently engaged or married, or perhaps married for a number of years, if any of this resonates with you we invite you to gift your relationship a safe place to talk and sort through your feelings and thoughts about your relationship. At New Beginning we offer you and your partner a safe place to have a productive conversation over your presenting issues, and partner up with you guys to find the best solutions possible. Call us TODAY for your FREE phone consultation or complete the form below. Click HERE for more details about our services for couples.



Our human nature is to connect with others. However, during a difficult time can easily isolate ourselves physically and mentally from others. At New Beginning we offer groups and workshops opportunities to help you connect with others who may be going through something similar. There is power in connecting with others who may have experienced something similar, learning that you are not alone or weird for how we feel, and having a safe space to simply talk about how you feel. Our groups and workshops are tailored to specific topics to help provide strength and hope in the midst of your struggle. Call us TODAY for your FREE phone consultation or complete the form below. Click HERE for more details about our group and workshop opportunities.

The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them.
— Sue Johnson



Hold Me Tight® Couples Weekend Retreat



women's support group

It is never too soon to heal your heart.
— The Grief Recovery Method


We offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to help you and the therapist determine if the services offered are a good fit for your situation. Please note that a phone consultation is required prior to making an appointment.


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